New Low Prices

New Low Price for Students

We are excited to let you know that the 17thedition of the David Strategic Management textbook can be purchased by students direct from Pearson at low affordable prices, at the URL given below.

The buying option can be exercised after the rental/subscription period is finished. Please check

To facilitate students buying or renting the 17th edition David/David/David textbook published 3-2-19, Pearson has established partnerships with Chegg, MBS, Barnes and Noble, IndiCo (which acts as a consignee for independent campus bookstores), and Follett who will rent the 17th edition products through campus bookstores. These products are also available through MyPearsonStore. Pearson also has various channel e-texts, such as Vital Source, which is a 3rd party distributor of flat e-texts. For additional information about this new low cost pricing strategy, contact either Neeraj ( or Nicole ( at Pearson – or contact your local college bookstore. Thank you.