16th Chapter 7 Strategy Implementation (Mgt)

Linking Pay to Performance – Whole Foods Market Leads the Way

At Whole Foods Market, all employees, managers, and executives know what everyone else’s pay is at the company, including hourly wages earned,

Corporate Wellness is a Strategic Issue for Firms

New research confirms that healthy employees are more productive employees, adding impetus for firms to establish (or enhance) an effective corporat

A Disappearing Gig – Remote Work from Home

More and more companies, including IBM, Aetna, Bank of America, Best Buy, and Reddit, are abandoning the idea of allowing employees to work from

Female CEO Ascension

Michele Buck is set to become Hershey Company’s CEO in March 2017, becoming the 28th female to head a Fortune 500 business.  Women are also

The Shift From Corporate Wellness to Corporate Wellbeing


The notion of corporate wellness is rapidly shifting from health assessment, weight loss, and biometric screenings to also includ

USA Minimum Wage Rates on the Rise

Beginning 1-1-17, minimum wage rates increased in the 20 states as listed below.  The rate rose for example $1 in Massachusetts to $11 an hour and

A Bad Business Culture Is Bad:  Ask Wells Fargo

Between 2000 and 2016, Wells Fargo continually reinforced a business culture to sell more and more products to existing customers, termed

Workplace Democracy Gaining Steam


Employees at more and more companies are voting on more and more issues.  For example, employees at InContext Solutions recently voted on

Diversified Companies Splitting Into Separate Parts

An accelerating trend in corporate America is for diversified firms to split into homogenous, highly specialized parts.  For example, Xerox is

Do Employees Prefer Shares or Cash?

Companies are increasingly switching from giving employee cash bonuses to giving them shares of stock. Companies such as Apple, Twitter, Zayo Grou